Kansas City wedding photographer

Hello there.

We are Danny and Jess.

We have been married for over 7 years and one thing that we have discovered in our own marriage is that there are certain things that cannot be rushed, cut short, or truncated. In a world that is defined by fragments, outlines, and shorthand, there are some things that are just too valuable to be abbreviated.

These are the moments that remind us of who we are and shape who we are becoming. Morning coffee with your fiance. Your family gathered in the living room sharing old stories. Your kids building magical castles in your overgrown backyard. The day you get engaged. The day you get married. The day you leave home. The day you find out you’re having a baby. These pieces of our stories deserve so much more than to be glossed over.

We started Longhand Creative specifically for these moments. We strongly believe that honest moments deserve honest pictures. We believe that each and every one of us has a story to tell and that each one of those stories deserve to be told well.

We make it our goal to give you images that are authentic, meaningful, and complete. These are the pictures that you will look back on throughout the rest of your life, the pictures that will remind you of your promises to one another, the pictures that will become your history. These moments are the pages of your story and it would be our joy to help you write them